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January 17, 2019

You Fell Asleep Behind the Wheel – Will Auto Insurance Cover Your Losses?

You Fell Asleep Behind the Wheel – Will Auto Insurance Cover Your Losses?

Falling asleep behind the wheel of a car is a very serious risk. In some situations, it can lead to wrecks, significant damage or even the death of another person. Most often, your auto insurance covers the damage you cause to other people. Yet, there are some limits. Why you fell asleep could be a key factor in determining if the policy pays out.

Why Did You Fall Asleep?

Was it just a long day at work and you dozed off? Were you drinking and driving? Or, perhaps you have a medical condition such as narcolepsy that causes you to fall asleep often. In all situations, your insurer wants to know why you fell asleep at the wheel.

In most situations, the policy’s liability insurance covers losses to another person’s belongings. For example, it may cover damage to another driver’s car if you hit that driver after falling asleep. It may also pay for your damage if the incident was accidental and you could not avoid it.

Talk to Your Agent About Your Health

When you obtain auto insurance, your agent asks you about any reasons that you may be a high-risk driver. If you have a medical condition that may cause you to fall asleep behind the wheel, be sure to tell the agent. In some cases, your car insurance policy is void if you fail to disclose this type of information. Insurance companies need to know if you have any condition that makes you a high-risk driver. This may include narcolepsy but also conditions like sleep apnea.

It Was Just an Accident

In some situations, an incident like this occurs as a result of an accident. You just did not sleep well. You worked long hours. You just doze off. When this occurs, your policy is still likely to provide coverage to you. However, if you were driving under the influence, your insurance likely won’t cover the damage. If you received a ticket for reckless driving, your insurance company may not pay out. In other words, you could have prevented this accident had you acted responsibly.

The key is to be sure you have the right amount of auto insurance in place. And, let your agent know about any risk factors that apply to you. This can help ensure your car insurance remains in place even if you do have an incident like this.

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