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May 30, 2019

When Should Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Your Shed

When Should Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Your Shed

A shed is a secondary storage facility on your property. It may be something you use quite a bit or just a few times a year. However, if this is a structure on your property with valuables within, consider insuring it. Your home insurance policy can cover it. However, you need to let your insurer know about the shed along with the value of the contents within it. Here is what to take into consideration.

Is the Shed a Permanent Structure?

Today, there are a wide range of shed types. Some of the newest models are very small and offer enough room to store just a few items, such as yard tools. These may be portable, too. While you can insure the valuable possessions within them, a non-permanent shed or storage container like this may not necessarily need insurance. Rather, consider if the structure is permanent, such as with a footing in the ground, to make this determination. A permanent structure will likely have coverage by your home’s structure policy, as long as you mention that the building exists.

Larger Sheds Need Coverage

If the shed on your property is larger, perhaps large enough for your tractor trailer lawnmower and other items, it is important to have coverage on it. Consider, for a moment, what might happen if a fire occurred within it. Would the damage be costly to you? Could the structure spread a fire to nearby homes or even your home? If these are risks, then you need to consider insuring the shed.

What You Store in It Matters

Be sure to be honest with your home insurance agent about your shed use. If you only store things like hand tools in it, it may not be as important to maintain a high-value policy. Your home insurance policy should match the value of the building itself. It can also usually pay at least a portion of the cost of items you normally place in it.

Still, if you have expensive yard equipment worth thousands of dollars, let your agent know about those valuables. It could mean an increase in coverage for your home. Your agent should also know if you will store flammable items in your shed.

Protecting your shed does not have to be a challenge. Talk to your home insurance agent. Be sure the shed – new or old – is on your policy. This step takes just a few minutes. Your home insurance agent will also offer advice on how to safeguard your shed. That can be just as important as insuring your house, in some case.

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