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August 2, 2018

Does Auto Insurance Cover Tire Blowouts?

Does Auto Insurance Cover Tire Blowouts?

A tire blowout is any instance in which the tire becomes flat suddenly. This often happens while driving. When it occurs, you may need to pull over. You will need to get the vehicle repaired properly. Most of the time, you also have to work with your auto insurance company to see if you have coverage for it. When will your coverage apply?

Most traditional tire blowouts will not fall under your auto coverage. There are some situations in which you may have some financial help, though.

What Caused the Tire Blowout?
To determine if your insurance will cover your losses, determine the underlying cause of the blowout. Here are some examples.

The tire is old. It has patches and is wearing thin in some areas. This is due to poor maintenance and general upkeep. Your car insurance is not likely to cover this type of loss.

Your tire has a slash in it. You learn it is from vandalism occurring at your home. In this case, comprehensive auto insurance may help cover your losses. Not all drivers carry this coverage, though.

You are driving and collide with a guardrail. The guardrail slashes the tire of the car. In this case, if you have collision insurance, it may help cover your losses. Again, not all drivers have this coverage.

Someone stole your car. When the police find it, the tire has damage. In this case, it may be a result of the damage caused in the theft. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, this may help cover your loss.

You are driving and run over a sharp object in the road. It causes damage to the tire. You have a blowout a few miles later. Most often, your auto insurance will not cover this. However, some policies may allow it to fall under comprehensive coverage.

What type of coverage do you have? This depends on the auto insurance policy you own. Keep in mind you also need to pay a deductible. If the cost to repair the blowout is less than the deductible, it may not be beneficial to file a claim.

If you have a tire blowout, call your auto insurance provider. Discuss what happened. Find out if your auto insurance policy can cover your loss. If not, you may want to improve the coverage you own. Most drivers will want comprehensive protection. It can help in these trying situations.

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