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July 29, 2021

An Uninsured Drive Hit Your Vehicle – Now What?

An Uninsured Drive Hit Your Vehicle – Now What?

Being in an accident is one of the most worrisome of situations. You worry about your safety and that of others with you. Then you worry about the condition of your car. You also worry about the other driver.

In situations like this, auto insurance is there to help. Sometimes, the other driver will be at fault. This means he or she made mistakes that led to the accident. If this occurs, the other driver’s auto insurance should cover the loss you face. But, what happens if the driver doesn’t have insurance?

Having Insurance Is a Legal Requirement

In most states, drivers must have car insurance to operate vehicles on public streets. Liability insurance is often a requirement. It helps cover the damage a driver causes to others on the road. In this case, the other driver’s liability insurance should cover your loss.

There are situations where the other driver’s insurance may lapse. For that reason, they may not be legally eligible to operate a vehicle. No matter the reason, uninsured drivers are still responsible for the damage they cause. You may have to resort to a lawsuit to cover your losses. Before you do that, turn to your own car insurance plan.

Will Your Car Insurance Help?

Most auto insurance policies allow you to maintain underinsured and uninsured coverage. This type of coverage protects you when the other driver lacks insurance. It only applies if the other driver is responsible for the losses. And, it only covers the damage to your insured vehicle. It does not cover damage to other people or the other driver.

This type of car insurance is a must for many drivers. There is no way to know if another driver has proper coverage when you are sharing the road with them. However, you can still protect yourself. Car insurance like this is often inexpensive. It is also usually easy to add to an existing insurance policy.

For those choosing car insurance, underinsured and uninsured coverage is a good investment. It helps you when you didn’t cause the problem but suffer the loss. This type of scenario can happen to anyone. With coverage, you do not have to worry about the outcome. If you do not have coverage, talk to your car insurance provider about the options available to you to add it for your current policy.

We’ve got you covered. Contact your insurance agent for a fast, free auto insurance quote.

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