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Chrissti Sammons

Agent/Tax Preparer

Kershaw Office

P.O. Box 97, 123 E Richland St
Kershaw, SC 29067

My name is Chrissti and I have worked for Williams Finance and Joe Williams Insurance Agency since 1990. I graduated from Lancaster High School in Lancaster, SC in 1989. I have one son, Patrick, who is 20 years old and one stepson, Blake, who is 13. I love animals. I have two Chihuahuas, Mckenzie and Bella, and a Rottweiler, Booger. We love to travel and see the beautiful country. We also enjoy watching football games outside on Sundays with neighbors and friends. I am a licensed tax preparer available to help with your income tax needs, as well as a licensed insurance agent available to help with your personal insurance needs.

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